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Innovation: Part 3- 72

In the present era of open market and intense competition, innovation is crucial to sustain growth and profitability of a venture, more so for SMEs. Though breakthrough innovations occur sparsely, but when they do occur, they lend a competitive edge to the concerned company for years to come. All innovations, however, may not always result in significant improvements in a product or service, yet many of these could bring in incremental betterment and result in increase in productivity, efficiency and in revenues. In a way, innovation is the primary driver of business, financial and economic growth. It needs to be managed not as a mechanical process but as a flexible social process pliant to the emerging consumer needs and aspirations, and should incorporate a global perspective.

The Special Feature in the present issue of WISTA: Innovation covers innovation as a key contributor to economic growth and to develop solutions that integrate with societal parameters, business ethics and care for the environmental aspects.

Innovation finds its best reward in its success in commercialization and the impact it creates in the society it serves. The Indian Chemical Council has long been honoring outstanding innovations in the field of chemicals and has Constituted Acharya P C Ray Award, that is conferred every year for innovative technologies. Similarly, Government of India through the Department of Science and Technology has been administering awards across a wide spectrum of industries.

‘In Focus’ in this issue deals with innovations in the chemical industry and gives brief of corporates and the awards they have bagged for the year 2009.

Other features covered are: Scan Around Us; Frontier S&T; S&T for Basic Needs; Technology Development; Experts Converge; and Scan Around the Globe.

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