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IPR Biotechnology : Part 8 - 69

BiotechnologyEnzymes are biocatalysts, that enable both anabolic and catabolic reactions in living cells. They accelerate the chemical reactions that otherwise occur at a very slow rate. This attribute of the enzymes is deployed in most of biotechnological processes either as living cells or in isolated and purified form, the later form generally being used in industrial processes, in medicines, in research and in recombinant DNA technology. The use of purified enzymes for producing useful products or services is known as Enzyme Technology.

The Special Feature in the current issue of WISTA: IPR Biotechnology deals with the enzyme technology, role and application of enzymes in industrial sectors, such as food and beverages, bioethnol, textiles, leather, etc. In addition, it gives brief description of some nine recent patents relating to enzymes.

The feature ‘On to Excellence’ profiles Cellectis, a pioneer organization founded in 2000 in the field of genome engineering. It designs and markets meganucleases with modified specificity, tailor-made for researchers and engineers and for private laboratories for use in research, bio-manufacturing, agrobiotechnology and therapeutics. Cellectis patent portfolio is also impressive. At the start of 2011, it held over 83 patents and 200 patent applications pending.

Auxin is a common name of a group of hormones that are involved with growth responses in plants. Auxins are used in agriculture to promote rooting of cuttings, induction of flowering in pineapple, increased fruit set and induction of pericarp in the absence fertilization, and prevention of preharvest fruit.

‘Perspective’ in this issue covers plant hormones, particularly auxin and its effects on the target tissues and the chemical environment.

Other features covered are: Scan Around the Globe; Watch-Out IPR; In Focus; Strategic Alliances; Legal
Scene; and Fine Tuning.

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