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Environment Audit : Part 4 - 77


env-auditOrpower 4 Inc. a Kenyan company, has been operating a geothermal power Olkaria III, since 2000 and selling electricity to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company for industrial and other uses. Besides electricity, the power station also produces carbon dioxide which is sold to flower growing farmers and to soft drink manufacturers. The inputs comprise geothermal fluids, i.e., high temperature steam and brine, in addition to pentane which is deployed as a motive fluid and is recycled without any waste. The wastes generated include spent geothermal fluid, waste heat, electromagnetic radiation, waste water, garbage, and sewage.

In order to assess the environmental impact of the project, an audit was conducted to find out its effects on health and safety of workers, wildlife, neighbouring indigenous people, farmers and the Lake Naivasha. The ‘Audit Report’ in the present issue of the WISTA: Environment Audit is based on this environment impact assessment study carried out in September 2010, and presents its findings and recommendations.

The Indian government plans to set up an independent environment regulator, the National Environment Appraisal and Monitoring Authority (NEAMA), mandated with the taste of reforming the country’s intricate planning rules and enhancing environmental protection, ensuring robust enforcement of environmental laws, and promoting green norms among businesses.

In Focus covers the framework responsibilities and the tasks that may be entrusted to the new authority, as also the gist of Prime Minister’s observations while announcing the plan of constituting the NEAMA.

The ‘Audit Guide’ describes how to conduct a waste audit to quantify the amount and types of waste generated by an organization, its current waste practices and the way these can be improved, including better use of natural resources.

Other features covered include: New Technologies; New Products/Equipments; Air, Water, Solid/Hazardous Waste; Legal Scene; Crime & Damage; Awards; Forests & Wildlife; and other such regular features.

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